Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh my goodness ...

... where to begin?

This place has been empty for a year because I got swept along another journey.
One that was still quite creative ... I learned a lot about Word Press on that journey!
(But here I am on Blogger!! :D)
And even search engine optimization ...
Although frankly, what does that matter since things in THAT world
things change at the speed of light. Who can keep up??
Well, actually, some geniuses can. I worked for a couple of those geniuses.

Anyhow, time to be honest.
This blog was started as part of a case study.
I was actually paid ... a real life salary ... to blog all about my threads
and the fun and lovely things I could do with threads.
A dream job to be sure, but it was still *only* a case study.

Things changed, at the speed of light, and all of us
working the blogs that were part of the case study network got switched over
to a different task -- one that would hopefully fund our salaries.
We gave it our best shot.
One year later, almost all of us have been let loose.
Laid off.
Whatever it's called. It doesn't matter.

So here I am.
Back again.
My life in threads.
But that is NOT a bad thing!

Threads are easily woven into wonderful fabric.
Truly, it is an easy process.
It's not rocket science!

So, in the past 1+ years, here are some new threads.
New threads other than the job shift
which was eventually followed by the job loss.

Meet Ava Lillian.
My deeply yearned for granddaughter was born on Oct 10, 2013.

She joins her two beloved brothers, Caden and Jace who are
also very deeply beloved by me.
The only difference ... she's my outlet for all my threads!!!
Boys aren't too happy to wear frilly, lacey things.

The other most significant thread of my life
is being not only grandmother to three amazing grandchildren,
but also mother-in-law to their beautiful mother
who is now fighting for her life
because she was diagnosed three weeks ago
with stage 4 breast cancer.
She is 29.

Her name is Lynette.
She is one of the most gracious young women
you could hope to meet.
She is my hero.

So here I am again, hopefully to be here for the long run.
But who knows?
The blogosphere is filled with abandoned logs and diaries.
I hope to keep this going.
I hope it brings the reader something to think about,
to smile at, to be inspired by ....
even better yet ... to inspire me!

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