Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Further thoughts ...

The good will poured out by those who were not hurt,
and the race staff along with the men and women whose jobs are to respond,
definitely a positive much larger than the evil that planted those bombs.

And ... not to diminish in any way those who lost limbs,
and the families who lost their loved ones
or who have the long road of recovery ahead to help their loved ones ...
I truly feel for all those thousand of runners who were not able to complete their runs.

The clock at the finish line show 4:09+ if my memory serves me (4:11?).
Which means the world-class gazelles were all through the finish line
well over an hour, perhaps two hours, before the two blasts.
Those who were nearing the finish line, and those thousands
and thousands who were pulled off the course
and not allowed to complete their 26.2 --
and I do understand why they had to be pulled;
the finishing area became a bloody, awful crime scene --
but those thousands and thousands were the average Joes
and Josephines running the course of their lives.

The average runner must to qualify to run Boston,
unless they are among the fortunate ones invited for special purposes.
It take a LOT of hard work to qualify.
Running Boston is a BIG DEAL.
For many runners, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event.
It's high on their Bucket Lists.
They were robbed.

I have no doubt that all those who could not finish
have their thoughts and minds on the victims of the violence.
We all do.
But I do understand that deep, deep down inside their hearts,
they have suffered a grave disappointment.
At these early moments, they no doubt hesitate
to express that disappointment for fear of sounding selfish.
All those runners occupy a good chunk of my thoughts.
I think I understand how they feel.

And what is more ...
my thoughts are with all the people on this planet
who have to deal with terror
every single day of their lives.

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Jacquelineand.... said...

A thoughtful post full of grace. Thank you.

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