Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Channeling my inner tortoise ...

So, the tortoise wins the race, right?
I hope so, because when undertaking a massive
cross stitch pattern like this one,
one can only go at the speed of tortoise.

If you're new to my blog, you can see what the finished
product will be here.

The number color changes within a section is rather
large, if not quite astronomical.

This is the result of 2.5 pages complete.
And this is what has been occupying a whole heap
of my time since my last blog post.

I realize I should have been blogging a bit more ...
but the threads tangle my mind and my will
and I have a hard time putting the frame down
and getting out of my big, comfy chair.
Doesn't the chair look comfy??
Trust me, it is!!

Notice the bottom left knob of the frame is missing.
I bought some extra knobs, but they don't fit.
I think the metal spikey thing is what the manufacturers
set into the wood of the original knob to anchor the rod.
When I'm done with page 3 I'm going to reposition
the piece on the frame so that metal spikey thing doesn't jab me
when I'm working on the project.

My work station!
One nice thing about the cross stitch hobby
is that its footprint is relatively small.
It's very easy and quick to gather everything together
and move to another spot in the house when needed!

Oh, and the little empty dish ... that's my chocolate dish.
If I've been really, really good on my carb intake for the day,
that holds 1/4 cup of Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate morsels
for my indulgence whilst stitching.
Good stuff.

Hobbies can have hazards though, other than
gobbling up large chunks of one's time.
This is the cross stitch hazard ... I use my middle finger to push the
needle when the going gets a little tough.
And when you have a large number of color changes
pushing the needle in certain areas can get a little tough.
I try to use my nail instead of the pad of my finger,
but the mind is not always focused solely on the task at hand.
This is actually better than it was too!
After weeks of jabbing my finger,
there has been some healing and a bit of a callous forming.

But I also dug up my all-time favorite thimble.
Definitely not your grandmother's thimble.

I've had this for years.
It's quite handy when quilting too.
In fact, I think I got this at a quilt shop.
My finger can breathe and the metal coin made
this particular thimble better than the other leather one
I used prior to finding this one.
And leather thimbles are much, much better than
our grandmother's thimbles!
Except ... leather thimbles stretch over time.
I'm going to have to keep my eye open for a replacement.


Lesa said...

I like the look of your thimble. Never seen one with a metal piece, so I'll be looking at the local quilting shops. I've got a massive needlepoint piece that I've been dreading. Oh, I love it, but it's huge! I know I'll be on it forever and I'm intimidated. Several cross-stitch projects await too. Love the look of your chair! Part of my problem is finding such a comfortable spot.

My Garden Diaries said...

Well...I must say that your work is paying off because your piece looks outstanding! The colors are out of this world and I am sure when you are done it will be a piece that you cherish forever!!! Keep up the hard work!

Tari said...

I don't like using a thimble. But I do like putting Super Glue on my finger pad. Try it, you might like it!

Cheryl said...

I've never seen a thimble like that one before.. neat. Normally when I do a lot of hand sewing, I use masking tape around any fingers that need extra padding lol... it works, just looks funny ;-P

Mom E. said...

Gorgeous cross stitch piece! Did you get it finished? I have one I have been working on and off for...I know it's embarrassing... 20 years! hoping this is the year! I want to see your finished piece!

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