Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just sayin' ...

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CustomMade Buying Local Infographic

Why Buying Local is Worth Every Cent Infographic by CustomMade

Needless to say, I love this.

Sorry for being AWOL.
I do contract work for a very dear and wonderful employer
and we are deep, like up to our necks deep,
in a new start-up business.

It's a small business where the team is more like family.
The work is tedious, but the pay is good and the appreciation
from management is even better.

The world is rife with trouble.
And there isn't a whole lot a single person can do
to solve all the troubling issues
except, maybe, to buy local.
You may not be able to make *the* world a better place
but you can make *your* world a better place.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Further thoughts ...

The good will poured out by those who were not hurt,
and the race staff along with the men and women whose jobs are to respond,
definitely a positive much larger than the evil that planted those bombs.

And ... not to diminish in any way those who lost limbs,
and the families who lost their loved ones
or who have the long road of recovery ahead to help their loved ones ...
I truly feel for all those thousand of runners who were not able to complete their runs.

The clock at the finish line show 4:09+ if my memory serves me (4:11?).
Which means the world-class gazelles were all through the finish line
well over an hour, perhaps two hours, before the two blasts.
Those who were nearing the finish line, and those thousands
and thousands who were pulled off the course
and not allowed to complete their 26.2 --
and I do understand why they had to be pulled;
the finishing area became a bloody, awful crime scene --
but those thousands and thousands were the average Joes
and Josephines running the course of their lives.

The average runner must to qualify to run Boston,
unless they are among the fortunate ones invited for special purposes.
It take a LOT of hard work to qualify.
Running Boston is a BIG DEAL.
For many runners, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event.
It's high on their Bucket Lists.
They were robbed.

I have no doubt that all those who could not finish
have their thoughts and minds on the victims of the violence.
We all do.
But I do understand that deep, deep down inside their hearts,
they have suffered a grave disappointment.
At these early moments, they no doubt hesitate
to express that disappointment for fear of sounding selfish.
All those runners occupy a good chunk of my thoughts.
I think I understand how they feel.

And what is more ...
my thoughts are with all the people on this planet
who have to deal with terror
every single day of their lives.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Devastated ...

... my heart is bleeding, aching for Boston.

I used to run ... well, more like slog. As in slow jog.
But I've gone as much as 19 miles in a training run.
I had dreams of marathon
and I've done a number of 1/2 marathons.
I belonged to a couple of internet running groups ....
Dead Runners Society
where I became acquainted with the Penguins
and embraced them.

Some of the people with whom I've shared the road
have run Boston.
It's a big deal for the average runner to qualify.
It was never on my horizon,
but I loved reading the posts of my fellows
who were getting ready for the Big One.

I wish I stayed in touch.
I hope that those I have personally met
and shared water, beer and sweat ...
I hope they were no where near Boston today.

Boston, you are in my heart and prayers on this day.
And you are the reason for the tears that won't stop.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Channeling my inner tortoise ...

So, the tortoise wins the race, right?
I hope so, because when undertaking a massive
cross stitch pattern like this one,
one can only go at the speed of tortoise.

If you're new to my blog, you can see what the finished
product will be here.

The number color changes within a section is rather
large, if not quite astronomical.

This is the result of 2.5 pages complete.
And this is what has been occupying a whole heap
of my time since my last blog post.

I realize I should have been blogging a bit more ...
but the threads tangle my mind and my will
and I have a hard time putting the frame down
and getting out of my big, comfy chair.
Doesn't the chair look comfy??
Trust me, it is!!

Notice the bottom left knob of the frame is missing.
I bought some extra knobs, but they don't fit.
I think the metal spikey thing is what the manufacturers
set into the wood of the original knob to anchor the rod.
When I'm done with page 3 I'm going to reposition
the piece on the frame so that metal spikey thing doesn't jab me
when I'm working on the project.

My work station!
One nice thing about the cross stitch hobby
is that its footprint is relatively small.
It's very easy and quick to gather everything together
and move to another spot in the house when needed!

Oh, and the little empty dish ... that's my chocolate dish.
If I've been really, really good on my carb intake for the day,
that holds 1/4 cup of Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate morsels
for my indulgence whilst stitching.
Good stuff.

Hobbies can have hazards though, other than
gobbling up large chunks of one's time.
This is the cross stitch hazard ... I use my middle finger to push the
needle when the going gets a little tough.
And when you have a large number of color changes
pushing the needle in certain areas can get a little tough.
I try to use my nail instead of the pad of my finger,
but the mind is not always focused solely on the task at hand.
This is actually better than it was too!
After weeks of jabbing my finger,
there has been some healing and a bit of a callous forming.

But I also dug up my all-time favorite thimble.
Definitely not your grandmother's thimble.

I've had this for years.
It's quite handy when quilting too.
In fact, I think I got this at a quilt shop.
My finger can breathe and the metal coin made
this particular thimble better than the other leather one
I used prior to finding this one.
And leather thimbles are much, much better than
our grandmother's thimbles!
Except ... leather thimbles stretch over time.
I'm going to have to keep my eye open for a replacement.

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