Friday, March 15, 2013

Exposing the backside

Well ... I certainly won't win any photography awards!
And I doubt I would win any cross stitch awards either.
Judges are looking for neatness in the backside with the threads
with the finished threads carried under only a few stitches.
But I can't figure out how to accomplish that feat 
with so many color changes stitching the trees.
Many of the colors are use for only one or two stitches.
And many of the stitches of a particular color are far apart, 
but not so far to necessitate starting and stopping each single stitch.

~le sigh~
At least there are no knots.

But while my backside won't win any awards, I rather like the way it looks!
Reminds me of the paint applied with a knife rather than a brush.

I just completed my first page of the pattern this morning!
See what I mean by all the color changes in the trees?

I'm a bit behind schedule, but there's been squirrels in my life
distracting me.
Well, one squirrel in particular.
I thought that this very last Spring Break would
have left me to my own devices being that
the darling daughter is 18 and has her own car.
But darling daughter still wants the company of her Mom
for some things and that is something for which I am very grateful.
She has her share of independence, but still seems to like me!

On to the second page ...


Jennifer Hughes said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Friendship Friday :-) I hope you'll also join me for my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution ( Happy weekend!

My Garden Diaries said...

Gosh it looks so gorgeous! The colors! Stunning! And hooray for your 18 year old wanted to be with you...what a gift! Mine are still so little but I pray that when they are that age that they want their mama around a little too! said...

lovely needlework ~ very creative ~ ! enjoy ^_^

ps. as for google reader ~ Google is rising up to match the current Social Media of FB and Twitter ~ so now has G+ plus which is much more focused on blogs ~

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

I can relate. My 17yo daughter, senior in HS, job and car, seems to find me utterly irresistible. I actually have to tell her to go away at times. I think they like their mommas a bit more than they will admit. My husband finds it hilarious that this tall gazelle of a girl will prance in to him and ask his advice on her outfits.

As for google reader, I just tried Feedly this morning. We'll see. When did I get to be the old person who laments the demise of old technology?

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