Friday, February 22, 2013

Necessary things

I left this picture out of yesterday's post
of my start on the epic cross stitch project.
They are so necessary to me I felt they deserved their own post!

Love those scissors ... super sharp and super pointy.
They work better than those designed for embroidery.
You know, the ones with the little dip at the point to slip under the stitch.

And of course, where would us middle-aged crafters be without our readers?
I've worn glasses and contacts for most of my life
and discovered bi-focals really don't work for me.
So when contacts are on the eyeballs, the readers are a necessity.

Honestly, though, for fine, detailed work, I'm better with
bare-naked eyeballs with the work within 6 inches.

Last week I mentioned the thought of giving link juice to
all my generous commentors.

I still plan to do that, but rather than once a week,
I decided to do it once a month.

I was reading Google's dissertations on how
they rank pages and anything that resembles a link farm
could be de-listed from their directories.
Both the so-called link farm sites AND those linked.

I have no idea whether providing a list of links once a week
would constitute link farm behavior, but why take a chance?
Google can be precarious at best.

But I figured once a month will be OK.
Or at least ... I hope!


Una said...

I'm another one who wears glasses and contacts at the same time. There aren't many of us around!!

Sue H said...

I like that needle holder! :-)

Being short sighted and having worn glasses since I was a child, I found that in later life I used to take my specs off for fine work - it was easier to focus; but I've now reached that age when 'normal' people start to need glasses so I've got vari-focal lenses to compensate.

At first my family laughed at me as I would appear to nod my head up and down all the time - I wasn't unconsciously just nodding approval, I was moving my head to find the appropriate part of the lens for the work in hand!

Old age, eh? ;-p

Stacy Crawford said...

That cross-stitch looks overwhelming to me. Good luck to you!

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