Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Color inspiration

I'd love some feedback from you creative types.

Where do you get color inspiration?

This picture caught my eye.
It came from a Wall Street Journal ... last week I think.
It was some article about health, and more than likely
the economics of health and/or the health industry.

I did not read the article.
But I kept the section because of this picture.
Everything about it spoke to me.
The color, the texture within the photo, the styling ...
it all appealed to me.

I can see this scheme work as a quilt ...
definitely a card!
Or a scrapbook page although I don't scrapbook.
Maybe even a painting?


Una said...

I think my colour inspiration comes from my dreams. We have had dreary grey skies for weeks here and I am just dreaming of bright summer days. I've just started to crochet a very bright stripy blanket to cheer myself up.

Elise@growcreative said...

That picture has some interesting elements in it for sure. I find color inspiration just about everywhere.. magazines, online, stores, nature, even foods!

Betty Taylor said...

My color inspiration comes from nature. The photo is fantastic, I understand why it caught your eye. I am still hopping from Linking with my Ladies.

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