Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh Noooooooooo!! Obsession

Just. Can't. Stop....

Finished my "Infinity Cowl"
It's cuddly and soft and because it's made from "baby" alpaca
it keeps me really warm!

Learned to knit cables in class last Thursday.
Definitely not the easiest things on earth to knit,
but as Mom says ... they are challenging 
and when you see them come into being
it gives a newbie knitter a bit of a thrill!

I bought some homespun yarn
at McKinney's Farmers Market on Saturday.
Just enough for a scarf so I opted for the "seed" stitch.
I figured it was time to start stretching my knitting wings a bit.

After finishing the scarf made from the homespun,
my wings still felt the need for more stretching
so I started to knit eyelets from some yarn I have on hand.

I played around with a couple other patterns, 
but settle on this eyelet to become another scarf.
A gal can't have too many scarves, can she?
And there are plenty of other gals in my life to spread the scarf love around!

I spoke with my Mom earlier today
and she asked me "why now" after all the years
she tried to get me to try knitting.
I guess I can blame this blog!!
But no blame because I'm having a fabulous time learning to knit.
I'm not sure why I avoided knitting all this time ...
but I'm very glad I finally gave in and started to learn.

Only problem ... I just can't stop!


Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

Uh-oh. Been there, done that. Isn't it great? I think I felt the same as you...why did it take me so long? To think of all the boring plane/car rides, the hours in doctor's offices, etc, that I could have been knitting. Wow! Next you're gonna have a project for every occasion. Welcome to the knitting world. BTW... She's awesome.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are incredibly gorgeous. I'm not just impressed, I'm AMAZED. You don't knit like a newbie, that's for sure. It's good to read another person has been influenced by her blog. I am just thrilled to have "met" you and the wonderful art you create (which is SO unlike what I do).

HeY J said...

Love the color choices go knit girl go!! LOL
My oldest thinks that "ugly" scarfs should be our Christmas photo theme this year I am not sure you could have an ugly scarf I love them ALL

Jacquelineand.... said...

Oh my goodness, look at you go! Sure you weren't a knitter in a previous life? hehe

Meihsia Liu said...

WOw...these are beautiful.... :)

Carolyn Dube said...

Beautiful! My daughter has the same problem with yarns!

Camille said...

Wow, you are sure on a roll! You should open an online shop. I love the first one, the yarn looks so beautiful and soft.

Rita said...

LOL! Enjoy! Enjoy! :)

Carrie said...

Hi Hilary! Thank you so much for your kind words that you left on my blog! It made my day. Now, I have to get busy checking out your blog. I've always wanted to knit...maybe you will inspire me to finally try it! Take care, Carrie

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