Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life is Art

“My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe. To him all good things-trout as well as eternal salvation-come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.” 
― Norman MacleanA River Runs Through It and Other Stories

Norman Maclean is my favorite authors of all time.
He was not prolific, which perhaps is a shame for the rest of the literary world,
but he was profound in everything he wrote.

Plus, he comes from Missoula, Montana.
Enough said.

I've been doing Art Every Day, but I figured I can't keep 
posting my "learning to knit" effort because I know that would be boring.
It would certainly bore the you-know-what out of me.

I have another piece of jewelry coming out ...
but not enough yet to post. 
It hasn't taken on it's full form yet; the beginning stages 
are not a whole lot to look at.

So, I leave you with the following pictures
taken last night, Wednesday, November 7, 2012.
These were taken by Hillary, my daughter's and my horse riding coach.

Forgive the blur, Hillary used my camera set on "simple mode"
because I didn't want to trouble her with having to learn the settings.

My darling daughter, her smile can light up a room!
She's on Shiner, her current lesson horse.
Well, pony actually, Shiner is a Pony of America.
She loves working out on Shiner as he's as feisty as she.
Plus, he's fast and nimble and trained in reining and barrel racing.
And he could even do dressage ... he has a very fancy trot.

This is me on my good friend, Review.
This picture reminds me I need to get back into counting calories
and get back into the gym!

This is me loping on Review.
Up to about three months ago, I was too scared to lope.
I had a real fear of falling.
But after my fear came to reality when riding whilst on vacation
in Missoula, Montana (visiting my Mom),
I realized that I can't let my fears of what could happen
prevent me from living to the fullest.
It helped that my fall did not kill me ... nor did it hurt too much.

Now, Review and I spend a good chunk of my lesson at the lope.
When we are done, I find myself totally, completely relaxed.
Horse therapy, for me, is better than massage therapy.

I've heard it said, by many people in many places, that life is art.
I agree with that statement.
To think, every single day we wake up,
we are given a fresh canvas on which we can put whatever we want.
Even when the day is spent doing things out of obligation,
at the core we are doing what we want to do.

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