Sunday, November 4, 2012

AEDM Entries 2 & 3

I'm going to be one of those who posts the day(s) AFTER.

AEDM entry #2 (Friday):

In my definition, this is craft, not art.
But I am learning a new art medium, so I feel OK to post
this as an entry for Art Every Day Month.

Continental style of knitting works for me!
Before the change, I couldn't get past three rows without
fumbling so bad I felt compelled to start over.
I lost count how many times I has to start over.
But I got a LOT of experience casting on!!
I can cast on in my sleep now.

AEDM entry #3 (Saturday):

This is the actual project for my Learning to Knit class.

I really like the color of the yarn, but I do not care for the yarn itself.
While it is 100% wool, which is nice, I like natural fiber,
it's twist is not properly set so it splits way too easy.
Split yarn ruins the piece.
This yarn was inexpensive, and there was an additional 40% off the price.
The normal price was $4.95/skein.
Take another 40% and you got a steal for 100% wool.

But I should have remembered that we get what we pay for.
Even the teacher admitted the yarn wasn't very good.
That's why the store is discounting it ... they are ridding themselves of the stock.

Fortunately, I have plenty of experience working with yarn
that I can avoid splitting ... most of the time.
I did discover some splits, but frankly
I'm not going to undo my work. Not for this project.


Like the slub?

I don't. At least, not when it's an imperfection. Slubbed yarn can be absolutely wonderful when the slubs are meant to be, but I don't think this was meant to be. For commercially-made yarn, this is disappointing.

I'm not even sure about the color of the slub. I don't see this blue in any of the fibers that make up this yarn.  There are some much, much smaller slubs that are yellow and there is yellow fiber in this yarn. I think the yellow is what drew me to this yarn in the first place. It lends a pretty warmth to the overall color without making me look washed out and jaundiced when holding the piece next to my skin.

I love these needles! The others I was first working with are made from bamboo. The instructor says the bamboo are a tad "sticky" or whatever at first, but they develop a nice patina. I'm sure this is true, but when one is just learning to knit, everything needs to be nice and easy and smooth! I got these circular needles because I needed size 8 and the store was out of size 8 in bamboo. I was leery about at first because I have no experience with the circular variety. But they are actually better for me. I think I'm less inclined to have the piece fall off the needles and for a beginner, that is a very, very good thing!

All in all, I am really enjoying this experience! My head is reeling with visions of all the gorgeous, fine lacey things I'm going to be able to make once I get my skill set up to par. Why did I avoid knitting for so long? Especially since I'm learning to spin my own yarn, much of which is going to be a lot easier to knit than crochet.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You certainly don't look like a beginner to me. I tried knitting many years ago and it just didn't feel right at all. Crochet seems to me to be so much easier. Good luck with your project. Tammy

Julie said...

I agree with Tammy you don't look like a beginner. You're off to a great start. I wish I could knit or crochet but I don't think I have the patience needed.

Rockin My Journey said...

I think you did super I want to learn to knit as well :) keep sharing so us non-knitters will get the courage to try :))

Missy said...

Of course it counts as art! Wonderful knitting! So happy to meet you through AEDM!

Jacquelineand.... said...

Hmmm, I bet if someone else was doing it (and catching on so quickly) you'd think it was art! Your work really doesn't look like beginner's work at all.

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

The whole idea of Art Every Day Month is to be creative in whatever form that happens to take. You created with your hands and yarn! Bravo!
Stay inspired!

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

I agree with the others that it doesn't look like you're a beginner. You've got a nice even gauge. Lots of people (me included) have trouble with stockinette because my purl is a bit tighter than my knit so I get horizontal lines in my knitting. Bamboo needles with a wool is not a good match. That would be sticky and awful. Yes, they do get a patina over time, but I still would never use bamboo with a straight wool. Rayon or something slippery, yes. On the other hand, I don't like metal too much because it's too slippery when you're using a really nice wool or an alpaca. So I end up getting lots of different needles for different yarns...heck I have more needles than yarn! But it looks like you've got the hang of it. And you're obviously purling well in Continental, which is very hard for many people. Soon you'll add in some pattern there'll be no stopping you!

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