Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's on my Work Desk Wednesday

Project started yesterday. 
Dichroic glass pendant suspended from a handmade chain of copper wire 
with Czech fire-polished glass beads and cherry quartz (which really isn't quartz!*).

Here's a close-up of the pendant. I bought this along with several others many years ago. My first introduction into dichroic glass which continues to intrigue me.

My puddle of pliers. I've used these for years. While I have access to a whole world of tools, these "cheapies" I found at Hobby Lobby are my favorites. The noses are very thin and pointy, yet they conquer most wires without blemish.

My Swanstrom cutters. These were not cheap, but were a splurge when I decided that chain-making was going to be the bulk of my work.

Playing with the macro setting of my camera! I see fiber and dust in this picture that I do NOT see with my eyes. Digital photography can be both a blessing and a curse ...

This is what I paid the big bucks for ... a beautiful flat back for a nice, smooth, straight clip. Many cheaper pliers claim to be flat-back, but you'll still see a slight bevel in the cut of the wire. With these pliers, the cut from the backside is perfectly smooth. The cut edge from the front (inside) edge does have a slight bevel, but I simply nip the bevel off with the flat side and continue.

This is what I am talking about ... see that nice flat cut? That is what a handmade chain maker wants to see on her/his wire.

It might be a while before the necklace is done. It's been probably close to 2 years since I last made chain and my fingers are feeling it! All my calluses are gone and need to be rebuilt. And the nail on my left hand index finger is getting chewed up by the wire. I used to have acrylic nails which stood up to being used as a "tool" for bending back wire, but I'm more than done with acrylic nails. I seriously doubt gel/shellac will stand up against the wear and tear. I'm going to have either have to put up with a permanently ugly nail or find some other tool to use. Or maybe, just maybe, allow that one nail to go acrylic while the other nine are shellacked??

* Cherry quartz is man-made. It's hardened glass that has been dyed and can be cut just like regular quartz.


butterfly said...

Wow - that's the sign of a real perfectionist - not the flat cut (which as a fellow perfectionist I completely get), but that you can see dust in that photograph!! Glorious work with the pendant... and fascinating to see a different set of crafting tools... Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Bridget Larsen said...

Wow that dichroic is gorgeous. 2 years to make a necklace holey moley I dont have that much patience
Bridget #4

Twiglet said...

Wicked tools but really lovely jewelry on the go! x Jo

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