Thursday, October 4, 2012

That and This and Another Thing ...

First, let's start with The Cardboard Box Diet...

I lost one pound in two weeks. One measly pound?? But guess what ... I LOST 3/4 OF AN INCH OFF MY WAIST!! <insert happy dance here>

And a quarter inch off my hips and neck. Neck?? Yeah, My Fitness Pal uses neck measurement as a benchmark. Why, I have no idea ... but whatever. Body fat is down to 32%

"Formal" exercise has been spotty at best this past week. Actually, I don't think I hit the gym once ... well, maybe once? Or maybe that was the week before?? Who knows. I felt like taking the week off anyway.

BUT ... I did care for my friend's sheep/alpaca/chicken farm over the weekend whilst she and her family were taking a much needed weekend-holiday. Part of my duties included shoveling alpaca poo and stall debris and depositing said poo onto the compost pile. We're talking about 30 pounds total each day. 

Had a fabulous horse riding lesson last night. I have no problem with the canter/lope gait and last night we were "jumping" obstacles at both a fast trot and lope. I also spent as much time as possible focusing on sitting heavy in the saddle which entails toes up/heels down foot position which is NOT natural and therefore takes effort. Also, I have a bit of a sway back so to be able to take the hard trot without bouncing all over the place I have to squeeze my abdominal muscles continuously in order to roll my tail bone forward so that I'm sitting on the tail bone. Trust me, I feel it today!! In the abs, not the tail bone! 

Now for That ...

My latest project ... fingerless gloves! Apparently they are all the rage this year, at least around here. And I've seen them in all the current crochet/knit magazines. 

I found this pattern in Love of Crochet, Fall 2012 and it's called "Misty morning mitts" desinged by Catherine Waterfield. 

The yummy yarn is Cascade yarns Heritage Silk in Raspberry. 85% Merino Superwash Wool/ 15% Mulberry Silk.

In case you are wondering, "superwash" wool is machine washable. It will not felt, as long as you do NOT use the hot water setting, so it's very practical for garments that are meant to be worn time and again.

I was curious as to what "mulberry silk" was so I googled it. Rather than explaining it, I'll direct you here for the explanation. Makes me wonder about 100% mulberry silk sheets ... how much do you think they cost?? I just checked and it looks like one can get a queen-sized set for well under $1,000. I wonder if I could get the hubby to let me splurge on a set ...

...And Another Thing

Have you heard of a "Yarn Crawl." Think "shop hop" and you'll get the idea. Jacob's Reward Farms is sponsoring a Yarn Crawl. Take a look-see at Geraldine! I've watched her get the yarn bombed. It's been a thrill!

I'm looking forward to running around the next couple of weeks ... quite a bit of running ... and seeing new-to-me shops full of luscious fiber and yarns! It looks like quite a haul all over north central Texas. I hope the price of gas doesn't decide to take a leap to the moon. May there be peace throughout OPEC for the next couple of weeks.

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Janice's footsteps said...

Yay for the size changes from the diet I love the color in those gloves pretty color never heard of yarn crawl I so wish I could knit there is so many wonderful projects this time of year :))

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