Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cardboard Box Diet

My week #4

I don't have a weigh-in amount yet, haven't made it over to the gym, but I plan to later. Only problem is that "later" is too late for me to come and post to my blog. I'll follow-up in a comment.

My exercise has been pretty good. I managed one gym session this week with both weight-training and stationery bike workout. I've been helping my friend with farm chores, so this morning I can actually count another weight-training: 15# of alpaca poop and debris carried and tossed into compost heap x 3. Plus three days of spending at least an hour digging in the garden which entails over-turning Texas blackland prairie clay soil, breaking up dirt clods (I've become a clod-buster!) using a pitchfork, pickax and rake. Horseback riding last week included at least 30 minutes at a trot and/or canter and 30 minutes of other general riding. Went to Costco yesterday and bought about 30# of stuff which I carried (!!) to my car in a cardboard box. Left the shopping cart at the entrance. Car was NOT parked too close for comfort.

My splurge was creme brulee. I seriously need to start making this myself and figure out a way to make it more "primal" ... in other words, cut back on the sugar grams!

Pictures ...

My grandsons ... are they the cutest??? We WALKED to the Plano Balloon Festival this past Saturday evening. I was so proud of them! Hubby thought he'd be carry the youngest home, but nope, my little troopers walked both ways for a grand total of two miles. I figured they do OK ... my son and DIL keep them active. I snapped this picture whilst we were all waiting in a very long line to get some very long corn dogs. I was good to myself and did NOT get a corn dog! I ate a good dinner and hydrated all day long so I was able to spend a couple of hours at the festival without eating or drinking. *pats myself on the back*

We went in the evening to see the "glow" display they put on for half an hour. Fireworks followed after the balloons cleared the field. I haven't sorted through all the firework photos to get a good shot to show ... maybe next Wordless Wednesday.

And just so y'all know this blog is not just about weight loss and lifestyle changes, even though that seems to be my focus lately, I've been working on some really cute fingerless gloves done up in a very pretty lace stitch. I promise a post on those very, very soon!!

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Lauren from Texas said...

Good Lord, I love creme brulee. Now I am craving it...thanks a lot. ;-) Good job with the exercise!

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