Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cardboard Box Diet

No, we do not eat cardboard!

OK, this is my third check-in since joining this blog hop. I have no WEIGH-IN to report as I did not go to the gym to step on the scale. I don't think I lost much, as least not the 2 pounds per week I was reporting the first couple of times. Basically that is so for two reasons: 

(1) I did not go under calorie target except maybe ONCE this past week. I'm not beating myself up since I still went under what I believe my BMR calorie needs are, so I probably lost something ... a fraction ... and that is all good because in the long run fractions do add up.

(2) I did not get to the gym to "formally" EXERCISE this past week. And that's OK too since I still got up to move most days of the week. Mark's Daily Apple advocates that the majority of our "exercise" should be simply moving and I did a lot of that. I also lifted a few heavy things. I putzed around the house with my daughter's overly-heavy backpack on my back one day. I went hunting and gathering at the farmer's market on Saturday and lugged around a rather heavy bag to show for it. I bought a 30-pound bad of dog food and carried it to the car rather than push it in the shopping cart. And I LOPED (cantered, whatever) Review, my lesson quarter horse, for the first time and we loped for several minutes. Let me tell ya, I worked up a sweat, although not as much as her! I'm thinking the using core muscles to stay balanced in the saddle while using legs and arms to guide and steer a loping 1200-pound animal qualifies as a decent work-out. I am feeling it this morning.

As for RECIPES/PICTURES I have nothing special to share or show, although when fixing our weekly meal of spaghetti, the sauce I make from scratch and it's quite simple, I sauteed cabbage to use for myself in lieu of the pasta. And I seasoned the cabbage with fennel seeds. The mixture of the tomato-based pasta sauce on cabbage seasoned with fennel provides an awesome flavor! Seriously, try it sometime. Even if you are a pasta eater, try adding fennel to your tomato-based pasta sauce.

And finally for GUILT PLEASURE/SPLURGE, I'm afraid to report I can't do those anymore. I really cannot drink beer anymore. I tried one more time, and this time had just ONE Modelo Negra on tap, and it did not agree with me. Beer is totally out of my life now. I did give Angry Orchard's Hard Cider a try and liked it and will take an occasional pleasure drinking that from now on ... but I will sorely miss my beer.

The other thing I need to cut way down on is sugar. I'm not much of a sweet eater and my past GP's have been ice cream, but I noticed something else going on with me. The other day, I ate a double helping of ice-cream with a double helping of milk caramel sauce. I've had that much before with no trouble, but this time I got the worst case of leg cramps when I went to bed. I mean, the worst! It got so bad I started hitting my feet and legs ... both out of frustration and hoping the strike would release the cramps. Dear hubby came to my rescue with a heaping tablespoon of mustard which he insists will stop the cramps (and it does, don't ask me how).

Got up the next morning and googled night leg cramps. I know it's not Restless Leg Syndrome, and the Mayo Clinic says they happen more frequently with age (blagh!). They also say it could be a metabolic problem ... like diabetes. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't fret Mom, if you're reading this, I do plan on heading over to the doctor for a check up soon. But the "metabolic" aspect got me thinking.

Then, yesterday, I ran by Starbucks and got a mocha frappuccino, which I've enjoyed periodically for years. I breezed into the adjacent Barnes and Noble to pick up a couple of crochet magazines, and guess what happened .... feet cramps! I've had feet cramps before after downing a mocha frappuccino (which has a LOT of sugar in it) but now it's starting to make a connection in my mind.

I seriously need to cut back on sugar! Since I don't usually eat a lot of it, I'm trying to figure out what that all means. I suppose that when I do indulge in a guilty pleasure, I need to make sure the portion is small. It's going to be interesting to figure out what "small" will be.

For that matter, it may be that I will never be able to indulge in sugary excess just like I will never be able to indulge in beer. How did it happen that when I changed they way I eat for the good, all this crap happened?? I've detoxed before, but never reacted like this when reintroducing "banned" items back into my diet. Is this part of the aging process????

If so, then fine. I'll be good. I'll continue to eat my grass-fed, naturally raised meats and continue eating more locally grown fruits and vegetables. I'll continue to eat and drink my dairy coming exclusively from Jersey and Gurnsey cows. I won't drink beer and I'll avoid sugar. I will continue to feel much better than I have in years if this is what it takes to avoid bloat and painful leg and feet cramps.

Fine. Be that way!

*stomping off to drink a sugar free yogurt drink*


aladyinpants said...

I really reeeeeally like your exercises this week. THAT'S sustainable and THAT'S what the #cbdiet is all about. That's a change of daily behavior using things already in your life. I really dig it.

Hope your findings with sugar intake go well. I can't imagine that being a good experience.

Lauren from Texas said...

You're doing a great job recording everything -- keep it up lady!

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