Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

  • WEIGH-IN:  I did it. I stepped on a scale. At the gym because I do NOT own one and do NOT plan on buying one. I weighed 10 pounds less that what I thought I did when I realized it was time to get serious about losing weight. This was not just last week, I got serious quite a while ago; just took me a few extra weeks ... um, no, make that months ... to actually get going DOING and not just thinking.
  • EXERCISE COMPLETED: Doing good so far, staying consistent. Elliptical twice (on schedule); swimming once for 1 full hour of laps (twice would be better); strength-training twice (on schedule); horseback riding once (on schedule). I was surprised by the amount of calories burned riding a horse. And since my riding is actually lesson riding, it's a "quality" ride meaning both the horse and me are working our tails off. Last night I had an especially enjoyable lesson. I have a LOT more confidence with the animal and I think my exercise and strength-training are paying off in my riding ability. I feel more in command of the 1200 pound hairball!
  • SPLURGE/GUILTY PLEASURE: Last night. I was already over my net calorie intake by 11 and I ate my Schwans Toffee Caramel Crunch ice cream topped with a good dollop of Lucky Layla Milk Caramel (absolutely luscious stuff!) anyway. 
  • SUCCESS STORY: I was able to swim for 47 minutes before the cramping in my feet started!! I love to swim, and I swim seriously when in a lap lane. But my feet cramp a lot, no matter how much water I drink before, during or after. Now, I've been drinking Crazy Water #3 for a while, but that does not have a whole lot of potassium. I will not drink sport drinks, so I bought a six-pack of coconut water. I figured: I like coconut, this should be good. WRONG!! Tastes like ... tastes like ... I don't know. To me, it's just plain awful. But I knew it had everything I really, really needed so I forced about 6 ounces (ice cold!) down before leaving the house to head to the pool. And I brought Crazy Water #3 with me. 47 minutes with NO cramps!!  WOOT! I was able to stay in the pool working out for a full 60 minutes. That burned more than one meal's worth of calories!
  • RECIPES/PHOTOS: No pictures to share this time. As for recipes, I make things up as I go along and never, ever record what I do. I've made some tasty meals this past week ... my grass-fed beef, fire-roasted tomato and vegetable pasta sauce is a stand-out, but honestly, I just throw things together. It's really all about quality of ingredients. You get the good stuff, keep it simple, you will rarely fail.
All in all, I had an OK week. I think I will reward myself with a new cross-stitch pattern!


Tabaitha said...

Way to go! All that exercise is fantastic. I seriously don't think I could swim for 15 minutes straight doing laps. Hope you have a great week!

Jill said...

Good for you on the swimming! That takes a lot of endurance! I wish I could do that, I'm a terrible swimmer though. I've also never really ridden a horse, even though I live in country :)

TJ said...

You go gurl! I am back on steroids for my Chrones and have nicely gained 8 pounds. I am use to it. a roller caoster ride always. I am proud of ya, keep it up babe!

Lauren from Texas said...

Good job swimming! I wish I could get into it. It's so good for you and easy on your body! Can't wait to read your post tomorrow!

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