Friday, August 24, 2012

Threads Connected

Weird how the universe works sometimes! I was blog-hopping to day (wish I could report that burns lots of calories and I could report it as cardio on MyFitnessPal, but alas ...) and found a super-cool idea:

She's already in week #9 so I'm not sure if this is still on-going, hopefully it is. I could use all the motivation I can get on losing all this excess baggage I'm carrying around. I tweeted a message to her ...

Have the grandchildren today! Will be heading to the park and possibly their backyard swimming pool. Today should be filled with lots of fun fat-burning activity. *winks* And I may even get some length of yarn spun today. AND meeting a friend at the gym tonight for even more sweat loss. Wow. Friday is looking good! Guess I better get off me bum and get the day started. It's already after 11:00!


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Hilary! Thank you for your visit to my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment. ) I'm glad you like. Please come by anytime!

Oh and by the way....I wish blog hopping was a calorie burner too!! We'll have to figure out a way to make that happen!! LOL!
My Desert Cottage

Lauren from Texas said...

So glad you're joining us! Can't wait to read your post this week!

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