Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Just Too Hot ...

No talk of threads today, it's hot. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't complain. And I won't. I'm not.

Instead, I'll just reminisce. To a cooler place ...

Rattlesnake National Recreation Area in Montana ... trail going up Spring Gulch.

I feel cooler already!

Spring Creek ... hence the name "Spring Gulch."

The water is nice and cold. It's fed by snow melt.

Up Lolo Canyon, Montana.

An old logging road. It's not abandoned, just used for purposes other than logging.

Like trail rides. I took this photo on our half-day trail ride on wonderful Tennessee Walkers from Dunrovin Ranch. They are the best. Check them out if you ever find yourself in Lolo and love horses.
Blodgett Canyon, Bitterroot Mountain Range, Montana. Yup, I made it up there and we went for a hike. It was hot that day too. Like 95F. That's seriously hot when one is hiking. But just a mile up the trail we stumbled upon a spring coming out of the side of the trail ... straight out of rocks. I stooped and felt the water. It was ice cold. I had an empty water bottle and filled it with fresh, ice cold, Montana mountain spring water and took a nice long drink. Refilled and offered to my son and daughter-in-law who both looked at me like a had green scales. Ha! Too chicken to try the best water on the planet. I won't drink lake water or river water or even creek water without first purifying in some way. But water straight out of the rocks of the Rocky Mountains? Oh, if only I could have bottled the stuff!!! By the way, what you see is a canyon in recovery from the 2000 Bitterroot fire.

Peaks of granite shreaded by glaciers.
This view took my breath away. Blodgett Canyon holds even more stunning vistas, but this is what I was able to reach that day. Kids got hot and tired and wanted to get back to the rest of the family.

My two grandsons and their cousin having fun in Blodgett Creek. I worried about them getting bored ... that worry was completely in vain. Just give kids some sand, cool water and some raw materials and their imaginations keep them occupied and happy for hours!

More adults should be like them.
Mom's dog, McDuff, who is one of the coolest dogs in the world, was not happy having to stay on leash. Many areas in and around this area of Montana will allow dogs to be off leash as long as they are controlled by voice commands. Needless to say, McDuff is not one of those dogs ... but he's still one of the coolest dogs in the world!

And yeah, there were 4 generations on this little excursion. And a doggie.

My abandoned Sketchers. They are great for walking around town, even hiking on nice, clean trails. But Blodgett Canyon was carved by glaciers which means the ground is littered with rocks. Tons of rocks. So the trails are rocky and require a shoe with much thicker soles. Lesson learned.

Tired feet. And one foot is covering the other which, by that time, was sporting a broken toe. Toe got broke after a royal stubbing on the cut log that was in the creek acting as a great seat to use for cooling off feet. You can see it behind Ariana in the picture of the kids playing. Stupid log. (Don't look at me to take credit for the stupidity that broke my toe.) When I stubbed the toe, I heard all sorts of cracking. Over the noise of a glacier-fed mountain creek! o_O

So here I am, back in Texas for over two weeks now, hot and still nursing that toe! I must admit though, I really do feel cooler.


Wanda Ann Olsen said...

OMG! I came to let you know that I am featuring you on Tuesday Trivia this week, we're in Montana. I thought I had commented 2 weeks ago when you linked up. I'm so sorry. I thought I had.
Your pictures and post is awesome.
Thank you so much for linking to my party.
Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

Wanda Ann Olsen said...

I'm so sorry, I have left you two comments but it isn't showing up. My computer is crazy tonight. I want to let you know I am featuring your Montana post on Tuesday Trivia this week. Your post and pictures are great, thank you for sharing. I have linked your picture and name back to this post.
Have a great week.
Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

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