Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thread Candy

Yum! Yum yum!! I can only imagine how my eyes lit up when pulling these drawers of thread candy out to view the rainbow of colors. And they are size 16! I was so glad to discover of local source of the finer perle cotton thread in such a large array of color.

Happiness is Quilting is one of my favorite quilt shops in my area for the fabric selection, but how I overlooked this bounty in the back of the store, I have no idea.  I guess it was the fabric that kept my eyeballs firmly fixed on bolts and bolts of cotton gorgeousness that these threads escaped my notice.  But I found them now!  And the blue that is third from the right on the third row is now home with me.

 Some additional eye-candy from the shop:

Dutch Reproduction Chintz
They have lots of it. It's expensive, but gorgeous and the fact they are 60" wide helps to soothe the ouchiness of the price. It lends itself to good ideas for garments in addition to quilting.

This is a portion of a rather large quilt that caught my eye hanging on the wall of their classroom space. They offer this Jacobean Applique as a class. This particular specimen that was hanging on the classroom wall was made by one of the students and it was awarded a blue ribbon at the Dallas Quilt Show.

I spoke with the teacher briefly commenting that she must be one very good teacher for her student to win such an award (one of her students who happened to be there affirmed my comment). She told me that all but one of her students has won awards.

I see a quilt class in my future!

Here is a general shot of a portion of the store.

There are a number of reasons why this is among my favorites: I like the owner's choice of fabric. Quilt shops reflect the personalities and tastes of their owners, as well they should, and the fabric lines carried here suit mine. I was able to find a good amount of prints to use in broderie perse ... not an easy task to find these days.

Also, the store is located in the "downtown" area of McKinney, TX which has been a favorite spot of mine since I discovered it over a decade ago. It has grown and changed over the years into quite a destination shopping area.

I appreciate shopkeepers who use the antiquated look of these older buildings. Rather than repair or replace the plaster facade on the brick walls, many use the "shabbiness" of damaged plaster to a very chic effect. I assume the tin tiles on the ceiling are either original or close to original, even though the paint is fairly fresh. Some of the tin tiles are corroded but that only lends to the shabby chic-ness of the space. And frankly, I love the stained and polished bare concrete foundation floors! Plus the use of natural lighting is appealing. I realize that sunlight is no friend to printed cotton fabric, but it makes the seeing of the fabric so much easier. All combined, the decor is warm and inviting and the focus remains where it should ... on all the lovely threads!

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