Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All Done!

After being somewhat of a constant companion of mine for 2-plus years, the last stitch is in place! I thought I would be completely overjoyed, but I have to admit I was a bit sad when I pulled the last of the thread through the back and finished off.

But such sadness doesn't last long. After all, there is the next project to plan and jump into. Plus there is the work of cleaning, stretching and framing for this piece. So it's still hanging around ...

I have not seen the top of this project for 2-plus years! I forgot how light the top buds are in comparison to the large leaf base.

And I thought it would be easy to take the piece from the frame where it spent the past 2-plus years. It actually took some work.

The frame uses self-sticking velcro as the means of attaching the fabric. The hard scratchy portion of the velcro is adhered to the back of the linen and then stuck to the base on wooden dowels. The excess fabric is then rolled onto the dowels which are tighten with knobs on the outside of the frame, keeping the fabric nicely taut.

The problem, however, after 2-plus years of adjusting and daily tightening the fabric to remain nicely taut had caused the sticky on the strips adhered to the back of the linen to migrate.

<--- Resulting in this.

Oh no!!  Nasty rogue glue on the back of my pretty even-weave linen! And it showed on the front side of the piece so I could not ignore the ugly mess.

Talk about a moment of panic. So what to do next? I thought: "Goo Begone!" ... but no, that would leave an oily residue which may not be easy to wash away.

"Ice cubes!" Um, no, that may work on gum, but this is a glue, not a gum, and there is some difference.

That's when it hit me: "My Stampin' Up thingee!"  I love Stampin' Up ... they have all sorts of thingees. Some of them quite useful for other stuff than just card making and scrapbooking. They sell a "glue eraser" that picks up and removes all sort of adhesive. Naturally, it works really well on card stock, but would it work on fabric too?

It took a bit longer to work the glue off a fine, even-weave linen than it does from off cardstock, but eventually I got most of the nasty, ugly glue off. There is a hint of it remaining on the backside, but it cannot be seen on the front, so I count this as a success.

Next step is to clean, stretch and frame. The cleaning is the part that has me a wee bit nervous. I have to research what the best cleaner would be to use. Hopefully the gal who owns the high-end fabric store here in Plano will be able to guide me to the right product.

If only I had a few more days before I leave on my BIG summer trip! My daughter and I are taking a 3-week long road trip through the heart of the Rockies to visit my Mom who lives in western Montana. I will probably take this piece along for the ride and use Mom's help and wisdom is getting this beauty into perfect shape for the perfect frame so it can finally hang in the perfect spot, wherever that may be.

In the meantime, I have oodles of laundry to do and the house to prepare for the menfolk to "batch it" for three weeks. And I have plenty of hoping that a huge rain storm covers the states of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana to douse the raging forest fires. Fire in the Rockies is the norm during the summer ... and there are all sorts of benefits to the forests when fires burn, but not the towns and cities nearby. So my heart goes out to the folks in Colorado Springs, and in other areas. I realize rain would require a miracle at the moment since the conditions are not favorable; so my hopes are that all the brave folks who are actively fighting the fires be successful in their hard work! We who have mountain blood know putting fires out is virtually impossible, but containment is achievable ... when the wind does not blow. So go away wind! May containment become a reality ... and soon.


TJ said...

wow Hilary I will have to remember that!!! Your piece is beautiful , just beautiful. Thanks for sharing...

Pieces of Sunshine said...

A very intricate work! Congratulations on persevering to the end. So pleased you managed to remove the glue!

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