Thursday, May 24, 2012


Oh no ... UFOs.  They are everywhere.

Nope, not unidentified flying objects.  To the person who lives in threads, that acronym stands for Un-Finished Objects.  And they truly are everywhere!

UFO #1 ... featured in an earlier post, this is a cross stitch project that has been going on for more years than I care to figure out.  But if you compare this to the previous picture, you will see progress!

That is because I have a goal.  Yes, a goal.  They are good things to have, especially with our crafts.  My goal is to have this project completed by mid-June.  At that point, I hope to learn how to stretch and frame the linen canvas on my own.  A friend of mine has promised that it is not too hard a task to DIY.  I'll let y'all know how it goes.

UFO #2 ... my daughter's skirt.  Thankfully, almost 100% of her growth is behind her, but still, it needs to be finished.  This has been languishing for probably close to 18 months.

I love this fabric, and so does she.  The skirt is a series of 2.5 inch strips of two contrasting fabrics serged together.  Following the pattern author's advice (I need to find the pattern to give her the proper credit!), I used a serger so each of the 54 strips could be joined together with just one pass at the machine each.  That is the real beauty of sergers!  Seam and finish the seam in just one pass.

The skirt is currently pinned for the pressing of the boxed pleats.  I need to topstitch the top of the pleats; then finish with facing and shirring with elastic to shape the waist.

The completion goal is end of July.

UFO #3 ... Arts and Crafts inspired quilt for the bedroom.  Renowned quilt expert and fabric designer, Barbara Brackman, has developed a line of William Morris reproduction fabric that is stunning.  I'm totally besotted with anything Arts and Crafts.  I'm doing what I can to turn my 1979 random ranch-style Dallas area suburban house into something that resembles a bungalow.  At least, on the inside.

The completion goal ... yeah right.  It's a quilt.  It will be completed when it's completed.  I'm embarrassed to admit how many quilts I've yet to complete.  The tops are done, just the quilting is left to do.  *hides under paper bag*

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