Friday, May 11, 2012

Threaded Tree

I love the internet!  I love social media!  Talk about broadening one's horizons.  A thread trail from something someone I'm connected with posted on Facebook led me to a Facebook page which led me to a website, Street Art Utopia that is a whole lot of fun.

I cannot imagine what led someone to the idea of crocheting a sweater for a tree, but someone did and I love the result.  I would even be tempted to try this myself, if not for the fact that I'm not a spring chick anymore, and a fall from a tree may ruin my day, if not a week, a month, or even the rest of my life!  But I can climb in my dreams.

I am curious as to how long a tree sweater lasts.  There's the weather to contend with, and sunlight, especially if  the tree loses its leaves during the fall.  And even if the yarn held up against weather and sun, what happens as the tree grows and expands?

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