Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Threads!

I was quite busy over the weekend; a nice upbuilding sort of busy. But whilst away for the greater part of both days, look at what arrived at my front door!

I love getting packages and this one has been greatly anticipated. I figured it would come when I had no time to open and explore, but patience comes with age and I do have some age on me now.

So, second thing Monday morning ... first thing is coffee and the wake-up rituals which include watching the morning news, catching up on Facebook, and various other things ... I got ready to dive into a whole new way of looking at threads.

After running to get a trusty knife from the kitchen, I quickly sliced through the packing tape and pulled back the flaps.  The heart skipped a couple of beats.  Goodies!  Colorful goodies!!

Pretty threads, pretty wooden bobbins, pretty book,  even the pins looked pretty.  Can't say as much for the more utilitarian items such as contact and construction paper, but the real jewel is that book you see under the bobbins.  I almost broke open the package over the weekend just to take a good look at the book, but I kept my cool and patience.  Besides, I knew if I started to look into the book, I would want to start into  the actual doing of what the book is all about and I simply had no time over the weekend.  Monday would come soon enough.  It always does!

Here are all the goodies.  I ordered a starter kit from Van Sciver Bobbin Lace and opted to get a few extra colors of Lizbeth Cordonnet 80 cotton thread to have a total of 9 colors.  In the beginning samplers, the author of the book uses 9 colors so the absolute beginner can keep track of her thread paths.

Winding the 18 bobbins (two for each color) took the better part of my Monday.  I was surprised at the time it took.  I had no idea how much thread I would need, so I probably winded way too much, and maybe even winded them wrong (!) but that is part of the learning curve.  And the author of the book said it was better to have too much than not enough.  So far I have avoided going over to the section on adding thread in the middle of a project ... can't overload this aging brain.  And I think I will invest in a bobbin winder before too long.

I got to spend some time working on the first sampler, and I'll share that fun in the next post. My 17-year old daughter walked by at one point and said: "That looks tedious."  I was torn between rolling on the floor laughing and knocking her upside her head but I settled on concluding out loud "Yeah, it probably looks tedious, but I'm having fun!"

I'm almost jumping out of my skin wanting to start making yards and yards of gorgeous lace to use in heirloom sewing, but I know I need to crawl before I walk, and walk before I run.  So I shall stop right here and go back to crawling.  Y'all have a fabulous day!

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