Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Threaded Memory

Thirty-three years ago, using my Mom's Singer, I made my wedding dress.  The pattern was a Vogue, Oscar de la Renta, and I thought I was pretty hot stuff making it.  It had a fitted bodice, spaghetti straps, and three tiers of gathered white pin-point satin with the bottom layer using about 3 yards; the gathering alone took hours.  The over-blouse was made with white chiffon and was the first time I used french seams.

Both the dress and pattern are long since gone, but I wanted to blog about it anyway. I pulled the wedding photos that a friend had taken (we were on a shoe-string budget!) that have long since mellowed and rosellowed (my new word for the rosy-yellow tinge that old photos take on over the decades). Thank goodness for Photoshop Elements 10 and scanners.

I decided to google the pattern, believing the search would be futile.  Much to my surprise, I found it somewhat quickly when searching through the "images" of the search engine result pages, on a blog post on MalePatternBoldness.  Thank you, Peter, for permission to use your photo!  I made sure that is a 'do follow" link.  May your page rank rise.

Anyhow, there it is.  I made the second option since I did not want to mess with yards and yards of chiffon for the over-skirt.  The extra ruffle was just too much ruffle.  I likes some ruffles, but not tons of the stuff.  And besides, I did not want to obscure the pretty little points of the pin-point satin.

And here is the result.  I made a ton of mistakes, but who can tell?  I loved that dress!  It felt like a fairy tale dress.  I suppose I could say the wedding was a fairy tale.  We were very young, and had all sorts of things stacked against us.  We were (still are) a bi-racial couple, which alone stacked against us, and we were moving to California where the divorce rate, at the time (!!), was around 60%.  Or so I was informed.

But we didn't care...much.  We may have been nervous as all get-out, but we had high hopes with feet somewhat planted in reality.  We made it.  This June will be our 33rd.  Over three decades of hard work and with a lot of help from on high, we have three children of whom we are very proud, and two wonderful grandsons that light up our lives every time we see them.

Of course, I would be forever grateful for a granddaughter!  I would love a little girl in my life to dress up in linens and lace.  Alas, I'm not holding my breath...breathing is NOT over-rated.  

So I figure "what of it?"  I can still make things of linen and lace.  Somebody out there will love to dress their little girls in linen and lace.

Speaking of lace ... my lace making order has been processed!!  


Peter Lappin said...

Congratulations on thirty-three years, Hilary, and on making such a gorgeous dress! That pattern shows up from time to time on eBay and Etsy (where I purchased mine) so I'm sure you could snag another copy if you wanted to.

Hilary Johnson said...

Thanks Peter! LOL ... but that is a skinny woman's dress. I'm not that skinny anymore. Not sure I can even BE that skinny anymore!

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